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Boo and Eric Bakke are the owners and teachers of NannyBoo’s.  They have been married for 24 years and have three children.   Boo and Eric love to dance, sing, and watch the Seahawks!!  The couple graduated from Central Washington University - Eric with degrees in sociology and music, and Boo with a B.A. in music.  Boo then went on to receive a masters in music from the University of Washington.  One of their favorite things about teaching together is sharing all the cute, hilarious, sweet, and amazing moments that are experienced each day.  From watching the lightbulb turn on in a child’s head, to helping another smear shaving cream all over the table just to see what it feels like - they know they have the best jobs in the world!  





  • Children learn best when they feel safe and loved.

  • Play is a young child’s work, and is how they best learn.  Fun should be the key element to any learning activity.

  • Every child is unique in a multitude of ways including their learning style. 

  • There are many definitions of success. 

  • Learning is best achieved when parents and teachers work as a team to support the child’s optimal development.

  • Emotional intelligence is a key component of kindergarten readiness. 

  • Teacher continuity during these early delicate years is imperative for the success and confidence of students.

  • Continuing education of teachers supports joyful interactions with students, and vibrant curriculum.


At NannyBoo’s we intentionally and gently call attention to ways in which our students are different and the same.  This is essential to highlighting our beautiful and unique individuality, while honoring group identities.  As we learn about our student’s cultural identities, we strive to integrate those identities into classroom learning.  This is foundational when learning about issues of fairness, unfairness, empathy, and love.  

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